Necessary Procedures: Address Change

Notification of moving-out / moving-in

When you change your residential address, you must report your moving-out (moving-out notification, 転出届) with the municipal office of the city you live before your moving-out. This can be done from 14 days before your moving-out. In some cities, such notification can be done by mail. You will receive a “certificate of moving-out” (転出証明書), which you should bring to the city you move-in to file moving-in notification.

Next, you must report your moving-in (moving-in notification, 転入届) with the municipal office of the city you live after your moving-in. This should be done within 14 days from your moving-in and you should bring the “certificate of moving-out” upon such filing.

In both cases, you should bring your residence card with you. Your new address will be written on the back of your residence card. In most cities, both procedures can be done by another person on behalf of you if you give him/her a power of attorney with your signature and seal.

Failing to file such notification(moving-out/moving-in) might be a problem next time you file an application for extension of period of stay.

I see some foreign residents miss these address change procedures. It’s cumbersome to obtain a certificate of moving-out after you moved out. Don’t forget to file moving-out notification and get a certificate of moving-out before your moving out!