Month: June 2020

Division of Property

Principles on how to divide Principles adopted by courts upon dividing divorcing couple’s property (and debts) are as follows: Divide “community property” equally between the spouses. (with some exceptions) Each spouse will keep his or her own “separate property”. “Community property” is property or assets created and accumulated during a couple’s married years (to be…

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Divorce by lawsuit

You cannot directly file a lawsuit for divorce. The law provides that you must file a mediation proceeding before filing a lawsuit. If the mediation fails, then you can file a lawsuit. Usually, if you come all the way to filing a lawsuit, you or your spouse must be disagreeing with the divorce. Then, you…

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Types of Divorce in Japan

There are 3 types of divorce in Japan. Divorce by agreement Divorce by mediation Divorce by lawsuit We also have “divorce by adjudication” but this is very rare. Divorce by agreement Among them, divorce by agreement does not involve a court. You just fill out the necessary information (like your name and address) in the…

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