Month: April 2021

Sick Leave and COVID-19

* You can watch the contents of this blog in this video These days when you are feeling sick, you are strongly recommended to take a day off from work. Then will you be paid for such sick-off days? In principle, you are not paid for your day off due to sickness unless the company…

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Necessary Procedures: Address Change

Notification of moving-out / moving-in When you change your residential address, you must report your moving-out (moving-out notification, 転出届) with the municipal office of the city you live before your moving-out. This can be done from 14 days before your moving-out. In some cities, such notification can be done by mail. You will receive a…

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Necessary Visa Procedures upon Job Change

Notification of the affiliated (contracting/activity) organization When you change your job during your period of stay (在留期間, zairyu-kikan), you have to be careful not to miss required procedures. 1. When no change in your visa status is required: (A) If you are mid- to long-term resident with: “Highly Skilled Professional” (i) (a) or (b), “Highly…

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